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Natural Sparkle offer a full range of handmade, extremely high quality cleaning products, infused and scented with therapeutic oils for a happy home, family and planet.

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Happy Home, Happy Family, Happy Planet

Surfaces at home should sparkle and shine without damaging, toxic chemicals. Natural Sparkle offer a full range of handmade, extremely high quality cleaning products, infused and scented with therapeutic oils for a happy home, family and planet.

The question we’re always asked…

How do we clean without chemicals? Customers – and, admittedly, ourselves! – have spent so long scrubbing our surfaces with bleach and the like, that many of us can’t comprehend moving away from these chemical concoctions! But, Mother Nature has our back, and you’d be surprised at the sparkling clean that natural products can provide.

Natural Sparkle produces powerful, plant-based cleaning products from the heart of Falkirk, with natural ingredients sourced exclusively in the UK. Indeed, our products that offer you a spotless clean are 100% plant-based, sustainable and vegan friendly – no nasties needed! The therapeutic oils and other plant-based ingredients we infuse into our products include essential surfactants, a substance enabling a liquid to blast through stains, oils, grease and dirt. 

As for our therapeutic oils, from the lovely lavender to the sweet-smelling citrus, therapeutic oils have both antimicrobial and aromatic purposes. They are the healthy, eco-conscious and pet-friendly solution to pesky synthetic fragrances that (more often than not) are made of toxic ingredients that can harm our home, family and planet.

About Us
  • My product range is increasing! Every time I buy a product, I am hooked and am looking for the next.

    I can whole heartedly recommend the lava scrub - surfaces gleam and the smell in the bathrooms is divine. I would also highlight the glass cleaner and cloth. I had lost faith, with children's fingers and dogs wet noses, that I'd see a clean pane! But a short spray shines so bright you need a warning to let people know glass is even there! In a cost crisis these products really last and go a long way. Worth every penny.

    Lyneth Williams

  • I cannot recommend these natural products highly enough. The fragrances are amazing...after cleaning with them the house smells like a luxury spa...especially the peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus bathroom cleaner..just such a refreshing scent and must mention the glass cleaner which is totally streak free... I was a previous customer of Purdy & Figg but i have cancelled my subscription...

    Natural Sparkle blows them out the water!

    Laura Pollock

  • Purchased the trial pack of the toilet bombs, bathroom cleaner and floor cleaner at the West Lothian Producer's market last month. All products smell fab and clean beautifully without harmful stuff in them. Went back at the weekend to get more toilet bombs and the multi surface cleaner to add to the collection, already recommended to friends too!

    Joanna Nevin

  • I am new to Natural Sparkle products but I am delighted to have discovered such a brilliant local Scottish company. I have never been a fan of cleaning but I've realised it's because I have always worried about subjecting my family and the environment to nasty chemicals. The Natural Sparkle products are really effective, leave my home smelling great and I can enjoy them, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing harmful in them. I look forward to my next purchase!

    Sarah McQueen

  • Excellent products from Natural Sparkle LTD. My home smells like a Spa and chemical free, thank you. So lovely to meet the friendly ladies behind the brand, great team. Highly recommended.

    Shirley Lenehan

  • Cleaning supplies smell delightful and actually work without leaving residue! Vegan friendly, natural and no bleach, Definitely recommend!

    Chris Lee

  • Having previously bought SMOL and subscribed to Purdy&Fig I chanced across Natural Sparkle at a market. The cleaning power of all the natural ingredients is amazing. The glass cleaner is streak free 100% and the toilet bombs leave your loo sparkling. I had a dog with severe environmental allergies which meant I had to rid my house of all chemicals and parabens. I have continued to use natural cleaning products as we all need to do our bit for the environment and bonus so much less plastic waste as the bottles are glass and reusable. The smell it leaves your home is amazing and not that overwhelming bleach smell, more like a spa experience. I will definitely be a regular customer.

    Andrea Mcgrellis

  • Just bought the glass cleaner from the ladies at their stall at Perth Farmers Market, after a recommendation from another customer, who raved about it, so glad that I did. Just tried it and it is brilliant. Had given up on using specific glass/mirror cleaner as I felt it caused more work with streaks and stuff. This is not like that. Cleaned an internal glass door, that always has hand prints on it and very hard to get streak free, and this cleaned it really easily. Also tried it on a mirror and a window and it also cleaned those easily as well. Would defo recommend these products and the ladies are very knowledgeable and happy to help with anything. Also great that it is plant based, refillable and made in Scotland.

    Nicola Carrie

  • My favourite natural cleaning brand. Love that there are no toxic chemicals and it's all natural. The glass cleaner is great for streak free windows.

    Line Kammen Scott

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Make positive changes in your home…

The next time you scrub your bathroom clean, or give your dishes a thorough wash, make a positive change. With each use of a Natural Sparkle eco-safe, ethical, sulphate and paraben-free product, you play an important part in saving and protecting our environment.

For too long, we’ve worn away at our ozone layer and our home with toxic chemicals. Truly, ‘standard’ cleaning products have worn us all down. But, plant-based alternatives are here to stay: healthier, happier and with a shinier finish.

Ultimately, that’s what we believe in! The health and happiness of ourselves, our home, our family and our planet. The world is connected to each and every one of us, which is why the smallest of choices – like switching out your usual cleaning products – can have an amazing ‘knock-on’ effect on the condition of our Earth.

The one-stop shop for natural cleaning products

Natural Sparkle is the one-stop shop for all natural cleaning products to bring your home into tip top shape. We offer you: 

  • Floor Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Fabric Freshener
  • Toilet Bomb
  • Lava Scrub

Do see our products Page for an up-to-date glimpse into the items we at Natural Sparkle proudly stock.

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